Mar. 3rd, 2008

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 I wanted to specifically thank everyone who commented on my last entry.  Not only was it nice to know that I still had friends that care, but that other people who've made the reverse culture shock transition have gone through the same thing was somehow comforting.

Things have felt like drudgery, but since airing them out, I've at least felt more at peace. I got a LOT of work done over the weekend (though nowhere near what I wanted to/needed to get done) and arrived at class this morning, bright and early for the 8am-ness, only to discover that it was cancelled.

But I took it well, and since I aired out my strife, I've been handling the bumps a little better.

Some of my funny/previously stress-inducing vignettes:

On the train ride down to Maryland, in the packed train I sat down next to a lonely bag. I figured its owner was in the toilet, or on line at the cafe car.  I didn't become alarmed until the train had already made its first stop in New Jersey, but when the Jerseyans entered the train, I let them know that the seat was, to my knowledge, taken.

This guy in the seat in front of me turned around and said "Stop lying you cunt! Just move your fucking bag and let him sit down"

Oooch!  Seriously? I explained to him that it really wasn't my bag, and that I presumed someone to be sitting there, but the jock-face who was standing in the aisle moved the bag into the overhead and sat down.  He was cranky too, complaining loudly to his (?) girlfriend on the phone that he was sitting "next to some bitch whose stuff was everywhere."

I tapped him on the shoulder and explained that No, really, it wasn't my bag, but he just got all huffy that I was "eavesdropping"

Finally, the conductor came by and I let him know about the bomb bag that had been in the seat next to me. He checked it, and saw that it was a crewmember's bag.  The crewmember, a "sassy" woman came over and started to sass me when she thought I'd moved her bag.

But of course, I sold out the jerks sitting in front of me and next to me.  And did she let them HAVE it!  The other conductor started yelling at the guy next to me, saying that had the bag been a bomb, he would have endangered us all!

I felt very vindicated.

Also, I did not lose my wallet again.

On Saturday, I tried to boot up the newly-hard-drived laptop that I'd picked up at the Apple Store on Friday.  The machine seemed to be working sort of okay on the train ride down.  But on Saturday, it seemed to have forgotten that it HAD a hard drive.

Calls to Apple Technical Support were fruitless.  (Remember when Apple had really great customer service and people in tech support who weren't just reading from a manual in an indiscernable accent?)

I called the store directly, looking for the guy who'd helped me before and who told me to call him if anything else went wrong.  After having to pseudo-fight with the girl on the phone that insisted that Geniuses Were Not Allowed to Use the Phone, she put the guy on the phone, and he asked me nicely to come back to the Apple Store, and that this time they were going to replace my motherboard.

Why didn't they do that the last time, instead of just band-aiding it with another hard drive?  Who really knows, but I made a point of saying that I have enough shit to do without having to pitch a tent in the Apple Store and live there indefinitely while they try every option that is not d) Replacing my Computer with one that actually works.

But I still laughed about it.  My art was appreciated, too, but I didn't get to make any more:

Fat Brown Bear                                                                   Fat Purple Dragon

Yes, they're both fat.  And it makes them cuter.

I'm talking with the Chem Lab techs tonight.  And, despite class being cancelled, I showed up at Swahili this morning ontime and with all of the work prepared and finished.

I also had an interview for an AWESOME internship that reinvigorated my faith in myself on Friday, as a genetics tech at the Museum of Natural History, studying changing genetic fitness in arctic mammals as a result of global warming. I think I nailed the interview, so we'll hope that that pans out.

Never can have too many good things on your resume.

Gotta go up front.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:51 pm
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[personal profile] astralina and Evan couldn't make it up from Florida to go to the Pink Martini concert, so I'm inquiring to see if 1 or 2 people are interested in coming.

And, while I've asked a few people, I haven't gotten any definitive answers.

I have two pretty good tickets, row L, for this Thursday night. You'd get a ride up with me and Adam.  

Let me know ASAP.


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