Mar. 11th, 2008

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Big Happy Birthday wishes to my dad today. He's turning 70! Belated Happy Birthday also to my Aunt Margaret and to [ profile] woofa

It's been a crappy couple of weeks and I've been loathe to post because I really didn't want to chronicle my failures. "Hey, it's Laura! Taking time out of her schedule of already being behind to post some self-deprecating drivel! OMG, here's a meme!"

The cycle of shame consumed me, as I was perpetually behind and constantly owing somebody something.

This past weekend, I saw my dad for birthday bridge celebrations and he and I had a long talk about what my obligations were. We agreed that having enough time for this fantastic internship was important... I mean, they're putting me and the other intern on the website, and we might even get credit when the paper is written. That is -thrilling-.

But after going through the hours it takes me to do each class' assigment(s), class time, work time and internship time, I was clocking about 85 hours a week. I mean, no wonder I'm behind. Dammit.

Here I was at the boiling point, though. Why am I so prone to overcommit myself? And so quick to punish myself when I can't deliver? I really don't own enough spandex to be a superhero...

Anyway, everyone was breathing down my neck for late things, and I talked to my dean yesterday and he authorized me to drop two classes. Maybe three, but I need to talk to the third professor. I'm not sure yet.

Knowing that I was going to reduce my incredibly stressing workload was SUCH a relief. Last night, I stayed up just for fun. It's been ages since I did that.

Spring break starts next week, Adam and I are going away, and I just can't wait.

Now, it's classtime. Things feel better.


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