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I've tried to find the motivation and the time, more importantly, to get back onto the Livejournal bandwagon. According to their stats, people blog much less after they are 26. Well, I'm 28. I'm just late. Isn't that the norm for me?

According to good old Livejournal, I haven't blogged in about 1.5 months. So I'l start from there, and give you some photo accompaniment, too.

And I've been sitting on this entry for nearly a month. Sad, eh? No more excuses.

Johnny & Azie's Wedding

We'll start with things that are brilliant, and happy. Like [ profile] johnnyrockstar and Azania's wedding. The crazy part being that they started dating after Adam and I. But there are some weddings where you say "God, these people are CRAZY to be getting married! " and some weddings where you say, "Wow! God, these two people are CRAZY to be getting married! "

And this was definitely the latter.

What was especially nice at the wedding was the real sense of family. I was honored to be there, and honored to have Adam in the wedding party, and brought my flat shoes not only for dancing, but to help set up and clean up afterwards.

And honestly? One of the best parts of the wedding was the clean-up afterwards, while we listened to power ballads and sang into our mops and brooms. Okay, and the dancing. Adam and I got to really dance and I don't think we realized at the end that we were the only ones dancing!

Finally, at the very end of the night, we all migrated to a local Germantown bar and laughed and drank and the next morning in the Germantown hotel, Adam and I had continental breakfast waffles and juice from concentrate together with Johnny.

Later that night, as we made our way to the shack, Mason came over, and so did Johnny and Azania and Charlie stopped by. We played Mystery of the Abbey and all went out to dinner. Again, just perfect familyness.

New Computer

I'm writing this entry from my now somewhat-new Apple MacBook Pro. If anyone recalls, I struggled with endless harddrive failing, "Genius"-snowing, logicboard-breaking, displaypanel-failing and general Fail with my old Powerbook G4.

But, according to Apple, my hard drive failures didn't comprise "Major Hardware Malfunctions" and I was left with a Frankensteinian-esque Powerbook G4 to pick up for the eighth time at the Apple Store Fifth Avenue.

Leave it to persistence, but I wrote an angry, pointed, articulate email to Steve Jobs and, that day, I got a call from the manager of the fifth avenue store, asking if it was alright if they started the migration to my new MacBook.

Like that's not a rhetorical question!


It's been ridiculous and fun getting to know this puppy, Chagi, that Nick, Adam's roommate bought I think about a month ago. He's already grown immensely! Look! He's even bigger now, too.

But it's been so much fun watching him grow, and feeling like a dog-mother to him. Even if I have to leash him when Nick's away because he's causing mischief upstairs!

Fun in the Sun

Have you ever noticed that, as the weather gets nicer, everything just seems to improve? Adam and I have been laughing it up everywhere we go.

We went and painted pots at Color Me Mine

We saw the "original" X-Wing of Kent, Ohio when we visited my mother.

We discovered Photo Booth on my new Macbook!

We went Go-Karting!

Even when it hasn't been sunny, we've had fun, too. Like when we went to see The Incredible Hulk and got caught in a TORRENTIAL downpour. We got to the movie, ontime, completely soaked but laughing the whole way, running barefoot down broadway, our laughing muffled by the thunder and the splashing of our feet in puddles of water.

I always look back and forth, what with photos and LJ entries, and realize that however much fun I have now, I still miss things from last year. But this is a happy entry, so I will stick to happy topics.

* Lauren's birthday and CU friends

* Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull

* Reviews: The Incredible Hulk vs. Iron Man

* Visiting Ohio & Chilling with [ profile] justbeast

Hurricane Harbor

[ profile] noranac, [ profile] celestialmartyr, [ profile] hotstudboi427, Adam and I all went to Hurricane Harbor, the water park that's part of Six Flags Great Adventure. We've got the whole album here.

It was so nice reliving our fun of last year. We plan to go again, so if anyone is interested (I know already that [ profile] alexsirkman is), let me know!

* + 2 Cats, -1 Cat +1,000 Cat Abandonment Sympathy

* Dad's moving out

* Unpacking the apartment - potential dates for a housewarming

* Back and Forth to Maryland

* Link to MLOAD


It appears that I've run out of steam, but I will leave the list of things I meant to talk about with the hope of writing about them all in the future.

I will certainly mention now, though, that at the end of September/early October, I'm going back to Congo. It doesn't mean I won't finish my studies, or that I'm leaving New York for good, or anything else. It just means that I have the most incredible opportunity to do masters/senior thesis /doctoral dissertation-level research that I've been CONSUMED with preparing these last couple weeks. I'll be part of the Wasmoeth Wildlife Research team, but pretty much solo on this project. I'll also be helping to take care of and rehabilitate 2 orphaned chimpanzees.

The extra-crazy part? Adam wants to come with me. Nuts, right? We'll see if it actually happens.

Oh, and while my regular journal might stay only-sporadically updated, remember that I'm pretty rigorous about posting to the community [ profile] thegarlicbite and I started:

[ profile] mylife_onceaday

So, if you're keen to see what I'm doing while I'm not updating here, check out:

My Daily Photos There

And I do promise to update more. But for now, I'm running on low battery power and low energy!
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