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Aimee   3 
Allison  10 
Amis   0 
Anya   6 
Atalya  2 
Claire -6 
Dominique 8 
Fatima 20
Katarzyna -2
Kimberly  0
Lauren 2 
Marvita 16
Stacy Ann 3 
Whitney 3

Want to see how the score broke down?  Check it out here

Remember to pick your girls for next week's episode, when we'll actually HAVE challenges and panel and everything else that will accrue points.

Remember too that most of the points are awarded to models who make the show interesting.  Crying, fighting, getting naked, that's your bread and butter at first.  Not necessarily "good models"

I hope everyone is enjoying the league!  I'll continue to score all the girls and send emails to people with their weekly totals.  I'm also keen to have a viewing party sometime (thanks for the suggestion, [personal profile] shell524!!) or perhaps a drinking game ;)

Questions? Comments?  Want IN?

Comment here. All comments are screened.
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Reminder to all who expressed interest, but our America's Next Top Model Fantasy League draft is beginning because the first episode is TOMORROW!!

Please email me your first three picks for this week. 

You can see the roster

How the game works:  You score points for the girls you've picked week-to-week.  You can change your three girls every week if you want, or keep the same team if no one has been eliminated. 

Watch the show! Enjoy the drama!  Get POINTS for the drama!

The scoring is as follows:

Scoring )

These girls are so hungry, they'll fuel your pointcount whether you want them to or not.  No need for a television, I'll post the YouTube episode every week under this tag- antm.fantasy    and eventually the link to the CW11 online episode.

Remember to get your first 3 girls picked by today!  You can also comment on this entry. Comments will be screened to protect strategy!


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