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Sunday 6:25 pm

Okay, there are totally bed bugs in the couch I've been sleeping on. My entire midsection is covered in HORRIBLY ITCHY LITTLE BITES. GAHH!

As a total aside, falling asleep with chimpanzees continues to be blissful. Etaito crashed before the other chimps, falling asleep on the couches in the other house.

We stretched out their Transformers sheet over the mattress, collapsing with the rapidly snoozified chimpanzees. Kanabiro and Okeysha argue over who gets groomed. I'll be grooming Okeysha, stroking her face to help her get to sleep and Kanabiro will pull my hand towards her belly, wanting to be rubbed.

Okeysha will retaliate, reaching in the dark for the feel of my hairless hand (several times she grabs Kanabiro instead of me and makes this annoyed, disgusted face) and pulls it towards her face. It goes on and on, until I readjust, leaning one arm under Kanabiro's head to reach Okeysha and my free hand to rub Kanabiro's belly.

As Okeysha falls asleep I can stop rubbing her face, and I curl around Kanabiro, feeling her warm breath on my chin and her little whiskers twitching against my cheek. I hear her breathing become regular, and I slowly move my arm from under her head.

She wakes briefly, and I stroke the hairs at the side of her face and above her eye ridges [superorbital torii for the dorks] and I see her eyelids becoming heavy again and she falls back to sleep.

I move, quietly, slowly, hopeful that the mattress won't squeak or creak. None of the three babies stir as the sliver of light from my bedroom becomes a halogen triangle, illuminating their tiny peaceful faces. I slip into my room and close the door behind me, leaving them to dreams.
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Friday 8:07 pm

It's really bad when a bug is so enormous that you can hear it scuttling around....


Update: Here is the photo.


Mar. 6th, 2006 11:49 am
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Saturday 4:10 pm

Gaaaaahhhh I really am going stir crazy. Also, I think "Stimorol" the gum probably is full of CRACK. Crack crack crack!

Whomsoever said that ironing was fun was a big, cleanly-pressed liar. The chimps had food when I did upon arriving home, and now they're napping, and so I'm bobbling around my room. I decided that I should actually iron all of the clothes that were washed this week.

I'd rather spend the hour doing that than pick at some icky mango fly pustule for a month.

I always know when I'm really needing to reconnect, because I start re-reading old emails that were downloaded ages ago. Especially with the ones that still make me laugh, it feels like I'm reading them for the first time, when, in fact, I've had no "outside" contact for a week.

It's just one more night.


Sometimes, this is tough.


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