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Sometimes, it just takes some perspective-

Me: It's Fourth of July here, and I'm going to eat veggie burgers
Cleve: Wish I were there! Very bored in Buta
Me: I'm so sorry you're bored! I'll eat a veggie burger for you! Or maybe take pictures of some fireworks, and you can return the favor next year!
Cleve: Good idea! I will swat a mosquito for you and also sweat some, as I am sure you are really missing the African Experience!
Me: Hot! Take pictures :P
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I feel completely out of place, and in a weird halfway state of mind.
What definition would you give a glass of water where the separate molecules are all just intermingled throughout the glass? Half-full? Half-empty? I'm feeling giddy, and happy, and lucky, but at the same time, twinged with a bit of sadness. I'm still reeling in the events of the past week.


  • Visiting the Duke Lemur Center. Have I ever mentioned that I'd love to visit Madagascar? I also now have my very own little (stuffed) lemur to remember the trip by.

  • Jordan Lake Beach Trip. Cleve and I took Rusty to Jordan Lake, about 20 minutes away from Chapel Hill. Beachness was had, and it was the most perfect, sunny day. Rusty loved swimming; though he was a bit anxious once he realized that the water only got deeper. One of the (more humorous) side results was Rusty, pulling me into the shoreline while I was helpless to resist. I ended up laughing, scraping along the beach on my tummy. And yes, Cleve took pictures. Feel free to laugh at me here.

    We wandered along the shoreline, exploring the clams (and the litter), but everything was beautiful. And of course, we took a lot of photos.

  • Kirk Cameron is a Growing Pain In My Ass: He rented an orang utan and took it out to dinner. It didn't use its Emily Post manners, so we are therefore not descended from an ape. *nodding* Yes, Kirk. Logical. Honestly, if I didn't know how annoying you were at your day job... Here's the Link

    Thank God (Ha!) for Richard Dawkins.

  • Foosball at Linda's I got to chill on Franklin Street, home of not only UNC students but real people, giving it a real sense of, hmm, humility? It was nice, and I only wish I'd seen more of the local eateries/bars. Other than the Pita Pit. Hehe. But yea, did you know that I was good at foosball? You'd never know from the one time I played. But I was a formidable, winning opponent! Maybe it was the Zeppelin on the jukebox. Linda's is a cool place.

  • Like Children in a Candy Store Cleve and I explored the UNC: Chapel Hill Campus and raided their bookstore for gypsy treasures. It was a bit expensive dangerous! But we managed to use our masterful control of the Dewey Decimal System, and the Copy Machine, to find papers for Cleve's PhD. I felt very scholastic. I should spend more time in Butler Library!

  • I finally saw Borat. Twice. I do believe that I'm still laughing. I also saw Michael Moore's Sicko. People can attest to my general hatred of Michael Moore, but I actually found this movie appealing. Maybe because he was barely in it. Or I'm tickled by the thought of someone from the government coming to do my laundry.

  • Sneaky Rusty I think this might have to be called The Summer of Gazpacho. I made two different batches while in North Carolina (yum) but perhaps the funniest eating involved leaving the house for only 10 minutes to pick up more cucumbers and tomatoes and having Rusty eat ALL of our Pita Pit and leaving lettuce all over the floor. Maybe it was needing to clear up the lettuce while ALSO not getting to eat our yummy falafels was the best part ;)

I didn't get as much done today as I'd hoped. I'm feeling stalled and unmotivated. And a bit isolationist. Tomorrow is a big day.

I don't know how to elaborate what I'm feeling. And I think maybe that's best. For now.


Jun. 28th, 2007 02:31 pm
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North Carolina reminds me in many ways of my grandparents' cottage in Ludington, Michigan. There's a quiet stillness in the trees here (monkey-free) and everything is serene.

Even the birds seem sedate now, chirping through the rumbling rainstorm. I feel like I'm in another country, but I think that's more due to the company than the locale. One of the things I just adore about spending time with my loved ones "from Africa" is the sense of timelessness in our adventures.

Recounting the experiences, even multiple times, gives a bond, a kinship that's inexplicably unexplainable to people who haven't been through it. No journal or photo montage will ever really capture it for strangers.

I am, however, blogging and uploading some photos from our exciting three days in Chapel Hill.

We spent yesterday as responsible primatologists, visiting the Duke Lemur Center and paying attention to their prosimians and their gift shop. We each laughed during the introductory film, recognizing faces, both of the human-primate variety and the non.

I'm in a haze. A completely happy haze. So apologies for not answering emails, phonecalls, comments, etc, but Cleve leaves for Congo again in September, and I'm taking this time before he needs to finish his PhD in an every-second-counts mentality.

Tomorrow, we go to the beach, and then Saturday, Raleigh to see a movie and have dinner with his mom and Dad. Then it's up to MD. I regret that I probably will not make it to [ profile] bkleber's bridgefest (only just barely) or [ profile] meli123's bridal shower, but I am sincerely running out of time.

More later.
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Well, I made it to North Carolina in one piece. I spent all today out in the woods with Cleve and Rusty, the Wonderdog.

I will say that it was one of the longest, most grueling drives I've ever done. Especially after the fiasco with my rent-a-car.

But, I'm here, and sort of a little too tired to do a real post. I just wanted to let people know I hadn't died in some freak roadside accident.


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