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What has Johnny Depp done to America? I've seen more iterations of Gay Piratehood today than I care to recall. Whoever thought that pantaloons and frilly shirts was ever not-gay-enough to necessitate pantaloons and frilly shirts in pinks and purples and mauves was blind.  Or possibly color-blind.

And, because it seems like the thing to do, I'm posting my pumpkin photos.  Adam and I carved it about two weeks ago, but it doesn't make it any less Halloweeny.

We made Wario!

Based off of the cover of WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
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Holiday Spirit

Well, I haven't whipped out the Christmas music yet (I figure I should wait until December 1st) but I did decide, in true ridiculous fashion, to break out my Holiday Apps. Thankfully for us few who enjoy taking silly photobooth photos, there are also silly programs written for Apple fans who have way too much free time.

Witness above, my flashing, countdown, sparkly, happy desktop. Blinding? Sure. I imagine I'll get sick of it in an hour or two, but for the time being, it's making me cheerful.

Want some cheer of your own?

The tree (and Christmas countdown): X-Mas Tree 1.3

The lights: MacLampsX 1.2
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Thursday 10:46 am

It sort of amazing to think but this morning, Okeysha took some wire trash she found on the ground and started termite-fishing in this hole in the side of the Chateau Chimpanzee.

What's amazing about it is that chimpanzees have culture that's totally specific to each individual group, and it's taught from mother to daughter and what-not. I wondered as I watched her who had taught Okeysha, if anyone at all. It was just awesome to see those things that seem so flat in a book acting themselves out in real life.

I spent the majority of yesterday in my room sulking and feeling upset. I watched DVDs and did needlepoint, convincing myself that having those good needlepointing brainwaves would make me feel better. And they did.

Today feels much better, along with hope that all isn't lost and that perhaps I'll find the hard drive yet. I went out this morning and took tons more photos and video too... I guess I realized how fleeting this experience is and how much capturing it indelibly means to me.

I'm still using iPhoto, warily. I'm not ever going to trust it again, and well, "magically" I suddenly have 5 GB more free on my harddrive. Fah.

I've now got photos of my wedding dress fabric, which is good. I'll put those up, and I think I'll head to the office on Sunday instead of Monday since I think people will arrive Monday night-ish. Or probably Tuesday morning.

Either way, I'm feeling much improved. Thanks for asking.


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