Jun. 5th, 2007 04:58 pm
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Well, I got the Florence photos up. It's obviously slow, and they're not tagged really, or rotated, or uh, really anything, but enjoy them -- if I'm lucky I can make a set before my battery dies.


Also, you'll have to log into flickr for any group photos (if I've friended you) because of the request of a member of our party :)
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Help! It's all going to my head!

First was the boing-boing, and now, I'm on

[ profile] dshadow was in #applegeeks and Hawk from [ profile] apple_geeks topic'd it. So not only is it a small world because [ profile] booksymagnifico's friend Jamie is friends with Hawk, but now John is all tied in and it just makes me all funny and giddy and proud.

It'd be really nice too if Apple saw the post and gave poor Allure some servicing when I came home too even though I'm a loser without AppleCare. The "l" key is now sticking with regularity, as are my arrow keys, especially annoying since I've got iController set up to advance iTunes track with Ctrl+Arrow keys. It means I can advance really easily, you know, except if my arrow keys are sticky and uncooperative.

Anyway, I'm all glow-y with dork pride. hehe.
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Sexual Occasional!
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Tuesday 2:13 pm

Well, it's the end of my "week" on the internet, and it was a good 2 days. Well, 24 hours.

I'll say I barely slept at all, since I once again stayed up until 1 am chatting and carrying on, only to be awoken at 6 am by the sound of sweeping. You know you're feeling vitriolic when you're upset that someone is cleaning.

Fred ([ profile] hotstudboi427) and I got to chat for the first time in ages and he's going to come and pick me up at the airport in NY. This is very exciting. Plus, I'll stay with him and Vlad in Chelsea while I'm there.

Thanks to my overindulgent internet time, I did manage to upload GADZOOKS of photos... so much so that Week 31 is, in fact, completely uploaded and tagged.

So, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy the things I've talked about in my blog:

What Leaving the Chateau Chimpanzee Is Really Like

More Scary Baby Advertising

Okeysha Wreaking Havoc in My Room

Our Hotel With No Bathroom

The SEUNA Sanctuary

Absolutely Ridiculous Signs

The entire set is here.

I also got helped on [ profile] macosx so I can restore my iPhoto library, which decide to die last week. So, with any luck, I'll have it up and running and I can import the photos I've taken already.


Also, the new JGI coordinator, Rita, whom I ate lunch with last week and who travels for work with her husband Jeremie, has a blog. Well, they do, together. So to see an exciting and international couple's recordings of their exotic world travel, Check it Out!


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