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I am starting to loathe the word "ringle" almost as much as I despise the word "webinar".  Who comes  up with these stupid words?   Isn't the dictionary fat enough?  Do we really need to be running off, legitimizing VaJayJay?

I was prompted to look at my photos from fall of last year.   I'm struck by how beautiful New York is in the early Winter, and how many interesting things I captured when I was participating in [profile] mylife_onceaday.  I really miss photo-documenting, and I wonder whether I can bear to lug my camera around for another year and actually make it the whole 365 days.  I made it from October to March, but failed at the end of March.

Anyone feel like endeavoring to chronicle the next year more successfully with me?  Other than [profile] thegarlicbite. ;)

I might even tote my camera along too. *does a bicep curl*  It'll be good for strength training!

I'm eager to start again, though, so that I can find the beauty of New York again.  I'm finding that currently, it's wearing on me.  I'm not getting any of the standard enjoyment of my friends or the nightlife (because of my no-going-out during the week policy) and I'm more often than not not on campus or hermitted in my house. 

The city feels cold (and so do I) and I find myself unwilling to leave my house to do the simplest things.  Even leaving my room feels like a chore.  Maybe it's some sort of seasonal funk, but when I think about falls in other locales, they make me much happier. Maybe it's the lack of trees?  Who'd have ever thought that my neighbourhood aesthetics would impact my mood so severely, but really, looking out into the grey sky and grey buildings and grey ______ through my window is so depressing.

I did enjoy sitting in the car yesterday and watch a leaf spinning like a top in the wind outside of Fred's parents' place. I needed to get away from my mess/exam/room last night, and Fred offered to come and stay over, so I ZipCarred it and picked him up in Queens.  We also went and looked at [profile] reverend_dave's share-apartment (Freddie had been thinking of moving there) in Green Point, Brooklyn.  For anyone who doubts GreenPoint's up-and-comingness, I nearly ran over THREE emo-bespectacled no-helmet bike-riding hipsters in only three city blocks!
I think their patch-covered army canvas messenger bags threw them off balance.

It was nice to get out of everywhere and to drive, though I became stressed to discover that my tail-lights were completely out and non-functioning.  What was worse was that the Zipcar girl gave me lip as though I was too retarded to turn on headlights.  By the time we finally got home around 11pm, I was too tired and was near tears upon re-entering my room. Additionally, I hadn't eaten in 10 hours and felt nauseated. After ordering food, I lay on the bed while Fred collected all my dirty laundry from the floor and put it into a laundry bag, and collected all my trash into a trash bag.  And teased me about my BO.

You know, I think I know what I should change my costume to:  a PROCRASTINATION MONSTER.  I've now managed to waste 4 hours.  Doing... I'm not sure what.

But the week is almost over.  AND I have NO CLASS next Monday OR Tuesday.  Rockstar (e.g. copious GHIII-playing days ahead)
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I'm looking outside, and it's an absolutely beautiful day. The sky is blue, it's probably cold, but Clint is right: it totally smells like winter.

... and I love it. My new coat is perfectly acclimated for the weather, and with the gloves and scarf, I'm a regular heat-bomb.

I had a great weekend, hanging with [ profile] infd and seeing [ profile] luminifer LIVE in concert!! Which, by the way, kicked ass. Check out his band site at There's also some video here and the top one is my little snippet. Alex ([ profile] luminifer) is an amazing guitarist too, which I never realized during our constant trips to karaoke back when I lived in NYC. What's your instrument count at now, Alex? 7? 8?

Anyway, after the show, we dragged the gang way uptown to hit Allegra's party, and I saw a million people I hadn't seen in a million years, including [ profile] abnihon! it was definitely fun, and it made me really pleased not only to have such an excellent group of friends, but to get to spend time with them.

On Sunday, I hung out with Fred ([ profile] hotstudboi427) and we went to Macy's to engage in some retail therapy. Fred has been unhappy with my lack-of-girlishness sometimes [he references most often my kicking-ass-boots as being "lesbian boots"] so I indulged him and we wandered through the Christmas-laden aisles.

We ended up at the MAC counter and he convinced me to have one of the girls teach me about makeup. I really don't like makeup in general, but I figured that I could handle an eyeshadow and powder and lips for day-to-day wear on the days I felt like it. I also got "night makeup" which will include darker shadow, liner, mascara! Oh my! Lions and Tigers and Bears indeed.

I have to say -- the lady at the Clinique counter had NO idea what the HELL she was doing, but we decided on MAC because all of their employees just looked flawless. There was one girl with this sort of geisha-themed super-colorful somehow Cyndi Lauper-esque look that was just breathtaking. And my opinion was definitely confirmed by the drag queens who kept coming through Macy's and talking to her. Tee hee.

And I love Fred, because he just paid for all the makeup for me. He loves.

It was just a lovely day, though, and I finished it feeling really pretty and feminine and happy. Which I'm sort of still feeling, after expelling mental evil courtesy of LJ. [thanks LJ!]. I plan to spend most of the morning tidying my room. Apparently, my heater is leaking into the downstairs apartment, but it can't quell my mood.

I'm having Thanksgiving tomorrow with [ profile] sinboy and [ profile] rosefox and Rose's mom [[ profile] rosemom?] is cooking. About which I am excited, and hungry! My mom and I decided that OH was too far to go by bus, though I'll admit to being so so sad and not getting to see [ profile] lauren_lief this weekend. I miss her.

I also intend on spending this weekend learning everything that I can about Chemistry. I've officially pass/failed the class, and I wish I could say that from here, it'd be an easy feat to just pass, but hey, nothing is ever that easy. So, a lot of work will be done. It'll be nice to have a weekend "off" too, since there's absolutely something holiday-ish about holiday weekends, though in fact they're never physically different than your standard weekend.

[ profile] dankna: is there Games Club on Friday night?
speaking of standard weekends

Anyway, I'm off to tidy my room, and collect my laundry, and change my sheets, and maybe put on some of my invisible makeup. Oh, and throw away trash! Then the walk to school! Whee!

Maybe, in addition to water, my heater is spewing some sort of drug?
Why'm I so giddy and happy?
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Sexual Occasional!
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Tuesday 2:13 pm

Well, it's the end of my "week" on the internet, and it was a good 2 days. Well, 24 hours.

I'll say I barely slept at all, since I once again stayed up until 1 am chatting and carrying on, only to be awoken at 6 am by the sound of sweeping. You know you're feeling vitriolic when you're upset that someone is cleaning.

Fred ([ profile] hotstudboi427) and I got to chat for the first time in ages and he's going to come and pick me up at the airport in NY. This is very exciting. Plus, I'll stay with him and Vlad in Chelsea while I'm there.

Thanks to my overindulgent internet time, I did manage to upload GADZOOKS of photos... so much so that Week 31 is, in fact, completely uploaded and tagged.

So, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy the things I've talked about in my blog:

What Leaving the Chateau Chimpanzee Is Really Like

More Scary Baby Advertising

Okeysha Wreaking Havoc in My Room

Our Hotel With No Bathroom

The SEUNA Sanctuary

Absolutely Ridiculous Signs

The entire set is here.

I also got helped on [ profile] macosx so I can restore my iPhoto library, which decide to die last week. So, with any luck, I'll have it up and running and I can import the photos I've taken already.


Also, the new JGI coordinator, Rita, whom I ate lunch with last week and who travels for work with her husband Jeremie, has a blog. Well, they do, together. So to see an exciting and international couple's recordings of their exotic world travel, Check it Out!


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