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There's nothing like the disappointment of seeing a sign in Lerner Hall that says


and thinking "Ooo, Halo 3? On Halloween?" only to find that they're advertising a Filipino dessert, Halo-Halo.

In other news, my chem exam is over with. I think I did alright. I know in the post-exam discourse that I got at least one question right and at least one question wrong.

50-50 odds sound good to me!
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The sky looks bluer, and the view out the tacky glass wall of Lerner Hall looks crisper, and cleaner.  Or perhaps everything looks different when one is be-hatted.

They've turned on the heater in my building nonetheless, and I had Adam remove the window fan from my bedroom window, officially signifying Winter/Fall/Al Gore's Season-of-Choice.

After the unpleasantness of Saturday and the ensuing missed-parties funk, Adam and I ventured out to Gamestop on Sunday to pick up my pre-ordered copy of GUITAR HERO III.

And then proceeded to play it for several hours. My thoughts on it, besides it being wickedly fun, is that I'm pleased about the addition of a battle mode.  I wish you could practice in coop mode, the encore song selection is EXTREMELY good (there was only one occasion where I didn't know AND love the pick) and I love being able to prance around proclaiming that I bested Tom Morello and Slash. 

The wireless guitar that comes with the package is extremely iffy. It sometimes doesn't respond, and is generally unreliable. Adam was keen to use it until he realized he needed all of the (wired) help he could get.

I haven't yet beat the game on Medium, but I'm almost there.  And then it's onto hard!

That is, after I write a French composition, take another chemistry exam, and read 8,000 articles for Disease Ecology that all seem to be due tomorrow.     
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There's something almost tantalizing about sitting in the basement of a library when no one else is around. It's illicit -- quiet, cold, and it has that dank book-y smell to it that's just incontrovertibly sexy.

I find it amazing that I'm not tired. But gaming late into the night has become far more regular than it once was, and it almost feels strange if I'm sleeping early on a Friday. Last night was wickedly fun, though, and I got to play an NPC in Rob's D&D campaign. The collection of people at the game store wasn't quite what I expected, but the feelings of family were not diminished at all.

In fact, Bob, the owner of the store, told me excitedly how he followed my travels in Africa while I was there, making sure that I was okay and keeping tabs on me while he waited for me to come back to the store.

It is things like that that make a gaming store feeling warm and fuzzy, really.

Plus, the late-night, too-much-caffeine quotations:

Only 5 HP damage? Couldn't you have vomited on him again?"

"I can only vomit twice in an hour, and considering I've existed for 12 seconds, I pretty much shot my load already."


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