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I Am A: Neutral Good Human Bard/Rogue (2nd/2nd Level)

Ability Scores:






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I'm really amused that I'm a Human Bard. Well, and a Rogue. I'd hope I wasn't just a Human Bard -- why don't you just give me no name and make me the 4th person on a Star Trek Away party? Useless character in an adventuring party, that's for sure!

I love how high my CHA is though. And I think Gollum would be proud of my rogue-like mastery of sneak-attacks.
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I was reminded by [ profile] lights_out's video post that I never made any mention of my time in Ohio with my Stepfather's Granddaughter's Daughter. What does that make her to me? I'm not sure, other than adorable.

Anyway, she was given to me to entertain for a few hours, and I decided that we should watch Return of the Jedi since it was on television. I'm always in support of fostering little nerds.

Funnily, she didn't ask as many questions as the caregivers on the island in Uganda. They seemed to be thrown off by the idea of humanoid-looking robots, and began to think that everything (and everyone) was a robot as a result.

Is he a robot?
Yes, that's C3PO.
What about him?
No, that's Darth Vader. He just has a robotic body because he was badly burned.
What about him?
No, no, that's Alec Guiness.

I guess I can see how it would get a little confusing.

Anyway, this little girl didn't have any questions, but she seemed to have all the answers.

Me: Okay, so that's Emperor Palpatine, a SITH LORD, and he's very very very evil!
Her: I knew that already.
Me: (skeptical) Oh yea? How did you know he was evil?
Her: Because he doesn't brush his teeth.

Knowing this crucial piece of information, I've been able to discern evil far better since!

In that light, I will share [ profile] lights_out's link:

Also, as a funny sidenote, how telling is it that when I tried to add the tag "children" to this entry, the autocomplete was certain that I meant "chimpanzee"
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Holiday Spirit

Well, I haven't whipped out the Christmas music yet (I figure I should wait until December 1st) but I did decide, in true ridiculous fashion, to break out my Holiday Apps. Thankfully for us few who enjoy taking silly photobooth photos, there are also silly programs written for Apple fans who have way too much free time.

Witness above, my flashing, countdown, sparkly, happy desktop. Blinding? Sure. I imagine I'll get sick of it in an hour or two, but for the time being, it's making me cheerful.

Want some cheer of your own?

The tree (and Christmas countdown): X-Mas Tree 1.3

The lights: MacLampsX 1.2
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Sometimes you just want to escape from yourself, and obligations, or perceptions of expectation.

I'm actually writing this in a public entry, but things have been really difficult between Mason ([ profile] booksymagnifico) and I these last couple days, and it's really difficult and straining on me, and I'm off my center. It's core-distressing. That's all I really want to say about it.

Last night, [ profile] infd and Evan and I basically went on an inadvertent walking tour of New York City. We met up outside of Central Park's 72nd street west entrance, planning to wander through the park and enjoy the warm weather and take photos. Of course, I ended up leaving the house in a hurry, worried that I wouldn't make it to 72nd and Central Park West by 6 pm on foot. Which, not knowing our plan, I'd intended to do. My rush caused me to forget my camera which was, indeed, unfortunate.
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Help! It's all going to my head!

First was the boing-boing, and now, I'm on

[ profile] dshadow was in #applegeeks and Hawk from [ profile] apple_geeks topic'd it. So not only is it a small world because [ profile] booksymagnifico's friend Jamie is friends with Hawk, but now John is all tied in and it just makes me all funny and giddy and proud.

It'd be really nice too if Apple saw the post and gave poor Allure some servicing when I came home too even though I'm a loser without AppleCare. The "l" key is now sticking with regularity, as are my arrow keys, especially annoying since I've got iController set up to advance iTunes track with Ctrl+Arrow keys. It means I can advance really easily, you know, except if my arrow keys are sticky and uncooperative.

Anyway, I'm all glow-y with dork pride. hehe.


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