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Okay, anyone can agree that I procrastinate, but when someone holds a flame under my ass, I move.

Which is why the Aware-Africa site is, at least temporarily, finished. I'm not happy with certain aspects of it, and I need to translate some of the pages, but yea... it's done. The projects are up. The links are mostly fixed.

Thought of funny adages with [ profile] rosefox over AIM of why Heineken and coding don't go well together, a fact I learned the hard way after I deleted gallery.htm and only had the German version left. Woops!

comment not while ye are drunk;
ye'll have no clue what ye thunk

If ye drinketh while ye code.
Only trouble will ye bode.

If Ye Be Drunk during HTML
Surely Will Ye Go to Hell.

When frustrated, I seem to revert to Pirateā„¢. Also, I have class in uh... 7.5 hours. This isn't good, not at all.
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Sunday 2:16 pm

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Margaret!!

Well, after all my stewing and impatience yesterday, it's nearly half past two and I'm still at the Chateau Chimpanzee. I had this funny dream last night that, instead of writing one of my trademarked Emo-mails to a person I was having issues with, that I'd make them a webcomic. A webcomic, which, of course, is masking the emo!! Mua hahaha!!

And of course, the heroine is Uncertain and Insecure Girl. I got so into making the comic that I didn't even care about going to Gisenyi or taking a bath and, well, I just finished and I'm totally tickled with myself.

I'll probably only show the finished product to the recipient, but I did make a little banner for the general public that I'll upload tomorrow.

Edit: Here it is:

There's something so therapeutic about being creative, and well, I'm really disappointed that I don't do much drawing on paper nowadays. The upside is that my computer-drawing skills, even with the touchpad mouse, have become very pleasing and, when I made the caricature of the person in question, I laughed for a good 10 minutes at how excellent my likeness was.

Or how i could grab an expression with just a little ctrl-click rotating of one eyebrow. Woo!

On that note, I really should get to Gisenyi now. Considering that if I don't, I'll be here all day and starve to death.

Off to pack I go! See you all online tomorrow!


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