A Quickie

Sep. 16th, 2007 09:28 pm
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Okay, so I have an enormous chemistry lab looming over my head, and I haven't gotten to finish everything I wanted to, but that's not even the reason I want to rewind things.

Those moments you just wish you could rewind and reply, exactly as they happened the first time, if only just to relive the glee of them? ... I've been having a lot of them lately.

Had a splendid, wonderful day yesterday going apple picking in far-east Long Island with [livejournal.com profile] regyt and [livejournal.com profile] novalis and Adam. I think really the only part of the day that didn't go as perfectly as a tall apple was the ENDLESS driving. And how one definitely forgets how wearying driving in traffic is. I wonder how many of those people on the way back to the city were rubbernecking at that exploded car for the second time in that same day...

I'm extraordinarily tired. Spent the entirety of the afternoon at an Aikido Officers meeting, which I will rant about at a later point. Because really, I'll be off-the-map for the next two days as I struggle to get everything together for school.

Wish I had more time to update, but it's 10pm and I've got Swahili tomorrow early AM.

I can't imagine not having happy dreams tonight.
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I thought that I would contrast my fun from yesterday with some things that have made me extremely happy of late.

Things to say to make Laura smile:
"Oh, and don't forget to bring your bathing suit! We'll be going swimming!

""Do you know how much better you make my life?

Tomorrow, Adam arrives and I whirl him around for a windy tour of New York City. Games Club, of course, but I think we'll also hit MT quickly for Johnny's birthday. And we'd like to have drinks at The View too. How can Adam come to New York and not get a tour of Times Square?

Saturday will be Apple Picking with [livejournal.com profile] regyt and [livejournal.com profile] novalis, with, apparently, swimming in the Hamptons! I don't know what else is scheduled, other than the winery, but either way, the weekend is giving me fuel for the rest of the week, short though it may be. It feels like a lot to get through, especially because my Friday schedules are the MOST hectic!

I'm off to do more homework. Trying to get everything for Monday done now...

A Goodbye

Mar. 22nd, 2006 05:29 pm
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Monday 9:14 am

Well, he might have bitten me hard enough earlier this morning to draw blood, causing me to whimper and look at him while he tried to wipe it away, but, on my very last day, before I left, Etaito came up onto my lap, warm in the stunning sunshine, and let me groom him contentedly while he ate a guava.

I got to hug all my kids today, and I'm feeling good about going. Yea, it's hard, but there's lots more ahead.

Last Day

Mar. 22nd, 2006 05:23 pm
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Sunday 9:40 am

First off, Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] bannoubunkacoby!!

Liz had wanted to go over into Gisenyi today, but I decided after last night that I really wanted to spend my last day with the chimps, and nowhere else. I spent from 6:30 am on with them this morning, and then the last 30 minutes packing all my worldly goods.

Last night was sort of incredible, and I've been filled with this additional reverence for the relationships I've formed here. I put the chimps to bed -- Okeysha and Kanabiro -- and Kanabiro uncharacteristically fell asleep right away, nestled into my arm. Okeysha, intent on still being important, curled into my back. So I was a Sleeping Chimpanzee Sandwich.

I felt so happy, so intoxicated with the smell of chimpanzee (which thankfully masked the smell of urine on the mattress) that I had Liz go get my camera so that I could capture the moment forever. I worry how "professional" my copious picture taking is, and what she'd think of it, but at that moment, I didn't care and knew I'd regret it if I didn't get the shot.

This morning was really nice -- Etaito is still determined to act as bad as possible while Liz is here, tormenting and biting her. She and I got our belly beads at the same time, and she'd managed to keep her strands all through Cameroon. Mine have been the only jewelry I've worn this entire time here, and, although my pants falling down exposes them and the chimps have grabbed them from time to time, I'd managed to keep my little memento of my first week in Uganda.

Anyway, Etaito almost got them today, and when I scolded him, he bit me hard. Ha! Goodbye, sucker! [says he]

What's fun though is to see how much they've all learned and changed since I arrived. I always play this game with him where I blow air into his mouth right after I've brushed my teeth. He likes the smell, but today, I blew on him, and he blew back. He'd never done that before! I was so thrilled and proud that I squished him in a big hug.

Liz has actually been nice to have around, and, eating at Lebanese together two nights in a row, Primus has definitely lubricated our friendship. I'm still wary, but I'm really amazed and pleased with how well it's all gone. I mean, we're sharing a teensy tiny room, and I'm sleeping on the couch, and things could be just awful. But they're not, and it makes me happy.

I cracked up today when Etaito dangled from one of the ropes we have up and hung there, peeing onto the ground 2 feet below. Very smart!!

I will spend the rest of the day playing now that I'm packed, too. And taking MORE photos, of course. I feel really at peace.
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Friday 7:57 am

It seems incredible to think about, but each of the chimpanzees has gained 2 kilos since I arrived. [livejournal.com profile] bkleber went through my photos -- from Week 32 backwards -- and commented on how the chimps already look twice the size now that they did 3 months ago. Which is so exciting!

I might replace my favorite time from "feeding" to "first thing in the morning" ... I woke up this morning, before the drums AND the sun, and went to get the sound of the drums on audio.

But the chimps were awake! Already! It was so funny to see them all there, sitting up, looking bewildered, sticking their heads out of the mosquito net, their sheets rumpled and their hair messy. Okeysha has some of the worst bed head ever, and it's not helped by the fact that she can't really comb it down. So she runs around most of the day with bed-head.

I went to empty my trash in the pit, and all three chimps jumped up onto me. Usually I have one chimp, maybe two, but three is officially TOO heavy. I'm rather glad I never had to make a run for it! Especially with 6 extra kilos...

Kanabiro on my back decided that, first thing in the morning, she had to pee. Of course, she didn't get OFF my back, and, as part of some karmic retribution for making fun of her for peeing on herself, she peed all over the back of me. Ack! I did remove her before I became saturated, but I did still have to change my clothes. So I'm back to my falling-down jeans that Etaito seems fond of attempting to pull down.

Having the chimpanzees at the crack of dawn is sort of funny, because they're not really quite awake yet... All three of them were sort of sprawled on my lap in various stages of awake-ness. Moving was very optional, and lots of yawning ensued. I of course could empathize since it's always nice to wake up but sort of loll in bed before actually getting up...

I'm sure saying this is sort of like beating a dead horse, but I'm constantly amazed by their little individual quirks. When Kanabiro eats maracuja (passion fruit), instead of opening it up and sucking out the seeds, she punctures it, quick suck, removes it from her mouth, turns it over, and repeats this little "dance" over and over again. She ends up missing half the seeds inside, and Etaito usually comes by later and picks up the husk, opens it up gets the leftovers.

When Okeysha rides on your back, she likes to lift her leg over your right shoulder and put her head on your left. Sort of like she's a chimp stole. Sometimes she'll wrap her arm around your neck too, strangling and breathing her constantly congested snorting right in your ear. hee hee.

When Kanabiro rides on your back, she feels like a backpack, because she secures herself very solidly and digs her feet in right above your hip bones. Sometimes I can feel her nibbling the ends of my hair, or the hairs on the nape of my neck, which tickles.

Etaito often gets tired of riding and decides he'd rather stand on your head, jump off, and grab onto whatever he can. Most often hair. When you're a Congolese man with a shaved head, this isn't much of a problem. Thankfully, I have plenty of hair to lose but I certainly won't for long at this rate.

I did finally get video of Etaito running bipedally, which is honestly one of the funniest things one can see. He holds his arms out to the side to balance himself, and sort of wobbles back and forth. I shouldn't laugh. It probably hurts his feelings!

Anyway, Liz is coming tonight at 5 pm. ... Yea.

I'm thinking that perhaps when I leave Monday that I'll go through Ruhengeri and spend a night there instead of in Kisoro... I'll check with Chris. Wow, it really is a countdown now!!


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