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I managed to make it to ALL of my classes today. I have no idea how; I grogged through the morning sessions, and I certainly went a little crazy when talking about the principles of evolution in my Animal Rights class. I've come to realize how not-quite-right I am in the head when I'm this tired, so I managed not to alienate any of the people who are becoming important to me. I think, at least. Keep the weirdness in check! *nods to imaginary friend and self*

I also had a lovely lovely dinner with [ profile] woofa, who literally leaves the country in about 4 hours. It was very very far to go -- for a dinner, but it was worth it. It did make me entirely too weary to visit with [ profile] sinboy and [ profile] rosefox, though. Boo.

I'm in a weird mood, where I could really use a snuggle or a warm nook to burrow into. Regardless, sleep is imminent.



Nov. 8th, 2006 10:01 am
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She does not mean to be this brusque. She is stressed, and disappointed. That is her right. You took forever to make these changes.

Do not write mean emails while tired.
Do not write mean emails on 3 hours of sleep.
Do not threaten to delete her whole website.
Do not forget that you are on the same team - Team Chimp.
Do not be weird because you are tired and upset and scare people away.
Do not be as weak as you feel.
Go to class right now. It's 10:07 am and you can take the bus and not get wet.
Do not fall apart.
Do not.

Nuh Uh

Nov. 8th, 2006 08:20 am
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I have no idea what is coming out of my mouth.

I have no idea what time it's supposed to be. I fell asleep practically on top of my open laptop mid-typing. Not before Liz sent me a mean email around 3:45 am.

My class isn't until 11. I'm so going back to sleep. And BLLELEUCH. It's raining.

*incoherent mumbling*
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Okay, anyone can agree that I procrastinate, but when someone holds a flame under my ass, I move.

Which is why the Aware-Africa site is, at least temporarily, finished. I'm not happy with certain aspects of it, and I need to translate some of the pages, but yea... it's done. The projects are up. The links are mostly fixed.

Thought of funny adages with [ profile] rosefox over AIM of why Heineken and coding don't go well together, a fact I learned the hard way after I deleted gallery.htm and only had the German version left. Woops!

comment not while ye are drunk;
ye'll have no clue what ye thunk

If ye drinketh while ye code.
Only trouble will ye bode.

If Ye Be Drunk during HTML
Surely Will Ye Go to Hell.

When frustrated, I seem to revert to Pirateā„¢. Also, I have class in uh... 7.5 hours. This isn't good, not at all.
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Do you ever find that, when one aspect of your life feels horribly out of control, you demand other aspects of your life to be more stable and sure?

I feel sort of guilty for spazzing this morning like that. I even bought a spookie to try and compensate [spooky cookie]. Ah well.

I do finally feel like celebrating Halloween now that my exam is over. Because it feels SOOOO good. Amazingly, I didn't leave this exam feeling like I'd failed.

Was it hard? Sure, yes. It was very hard. I went through the whole exam, systematically, and triaged the problems I saw. If I knew the formula that would relate to the problem, I wrote it down. If I saw the answer right away, I wrote that down too. I probably spent a good 30 minutes just doing that and going through the equations on the back of the exam and assigning them to the various principles and processes.

In typical sneaky fashion, 9/10ths of the equations were not even necessary for any of the problems. Assmonkies.

But overall, I felt like, after proper thought and deliberation, I knew what equation to apply. And, when I computed my answers, they were actually options in the multiple choice. You have NO idea how exciting this was to me. Last exam, nearly none of the answers I got for various problems were listed as choices at all.

It doesn't help either that my professor often asks for the "closest answer" so you won't actually get something that's listed. It's one of his more obnoxious characteristics.

I am relatively sure that I got at least a 15 out of 24. When I had 15 minutes left, I'd only left 4 problems blank. When I had 5 minutes left, there were just two problems that I had NO idea how to do (photons of light measured in nanometers? erg? that is, erg, the sound, and not the unit of measurement). So those problems, in my last five minutes, I made educated guesses about.

...So I feel really good now. I don't know if its the slow, comfortable numb of blinding insanity, the adrenaline of being finished, or the confidence in my knowledge, but I think, at this point, that I'm comfortable with any of the above or a combination of sorts.
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Wednesday 1:26 pm

Well, so much for the drive home back to Entebbe. Be prepared for:


Yes, that's right. I'm taking the bus back to Entebbe, and I think I'll head out the 20th of March and make the big trek on the 21st from Kisoro. It means I'll have about 3-4 days to go over everything with Liz, but with the handbook it shouldn't be too tough.

I'm sort of already checked-out in my brain... I can't really explain it. I also sort of feel the need to defend my insanity just by mentioning that I get to actually speak to other people maybe once every like, 3-4 days. Usually one can bounce ideas off others to gain perspective, but, well... I talk to myself in my off-line journal posts!

... No, that doesn't really solve it, does it?

I mean, if worse comes to worse, I can always pant-hoot at my friends back home. They'll understand, right? I also scheduled in my Lasertag MD homecoming, so check your email.

Anyway, it's time for me to be heading back to the Chateau. Food might even be in order too. I made another silly Insecure Girl comic, find it here


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