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I've tried to find the motivation and the time, more importantly, to get back onto the Livejournal bandwagon. According to their stats, people blog much less after they are 26. Well, I'm 28. I'm just late. Isn't that the norm for me?

According to good old Livejournal, I haven't blogged in about 1.5 months. So I'l start from there, and give you some photo accompaniment, too.

And I've been sitting on this entry for nearly a month. Sad, eh? No more excuses.

Johnny & Azania's Wedding )

My New Computer )

Chagi )

Adam Updates )

* Lauren's birthday and CU friends

* Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull

* Reviews: The Incredible Hulk vs. Iron Man

* Visiting Ohio & Chilling with [ profile] justbeast

Hurricane Harbor )

* + 2 Cats, -1 Cat +1,000 Cat Abandonment Sympathy

* Dad's moving out

* Unpacking the apartment - potential dates for a housewarming

* Back and Forth to Maryland

* Link to MLOAD


It appears that I've run out of steam, but I will leave the list of things I meant to talk about with the hope of writing about them all in the future.

I will certainly mention now, though, that at the end of September/early October, I'm going back to Congo. It doesn't mean I won't finish my studies, or that I'm leaving New York for good, or anything else. It just means that I have the most incredible opportunity to do masters/senior thesis /doctoral dissertation-level research that I've been CONSUMED with preparing these last couple weeks. I'll be part of the Wasmoeth Wildlife Research team, but pretty much solo on this project. I'll also be helping to take care of and rehabilitate 2 orphaned chimpanzees.

The extra-crazy part? Adam wants to come with me. Nuts, right? We'll see if it actually happens.

Oh, and while my regular journal might stay only-sporadically updated, remember that I'm pretty rigorous about posting to the community [ profile] thegarlicbite and I started:

[ profile] mylife_onceaday

So, if you're keen to see what I'm doing while I'm not updating here, check out:

My Daily Photos There

And I do promise to update more. But for now, I'm running on low battery power and low energy!
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I am starting to loathe the word "ringle" almost as much as I despise the word "webinar".  Who comes  up with these stupid words?   Isn't the dictionary fat enough?  Do we really need to be running off, legitimizing VaJayJay?

I was prompted to look at my photos from fall of last year.   I'm struck by how beautiful New York is in the early Winter, and how many interesting things I captured when I was participating in [profile] mylife_onceaday.  I really miss photo-documenting, and I wonder whether I can bear to lug my camera around for another year and actually make it the whole 365 days.  I made it from October to March, but failed at the end of March.

Anyone feel like endeavoring to chronicle the next year more successfully with me?  Other than [profile] thegarlicbite. ;)

I might even tote my camera along too. *does a bicep curl*  It'll be good for strength training!

I'm eager to start again, though, so that I can find the beauty of New York again.  I'm finding that currently, it's wearing on me.  I'm not getting any of the standard enjoyment of my friends or the nightlife (because of my no-going-out during the week policy) and I'm more often than not not on campus or hermitted in my house. 

The city feels cold (and so do I) and I find myself unwilling to leave my house to do the simplest things.  Even leaving my room feels like a chore.  Maybe it's some sort of seasonal funk, but when I think about falls in other locales, they make me much happier. Maybe it's the lack of trees?  Who'd have ever thought that my neighbourhood aesthetics would impact my mood so severely, but really, looking out into the grey sky and grey buildings and grey ______ through my window is so depressing.

I did enjoy sitting in the car yesterday and watch a leaf spinning like a top in the wind outside of Fred's parents' place. I needed to get away from my mess/exam/room last night, and Fred offered to come and stay over, so I ZipCarred it and picked him up in Queens.  We also went and looked at [profile] reverend_dave's share-apartment (Freddie had been thinking of moving there) in Green Point, Brooklyn.  For anyone who doubts GreenPoint's up-and-comingness, I nearly ran over THREE emo-bespectacled no-helmet bike-riding hipsters in only three city blocks!
I think their patch-covered army canvas messenger bags threw them off balance.

It was nice to get out of everywhere and to drive, though I became stressed to discover that my tail-lights were completely out and non-functioning.  What was worse was that the Zipcar girl gave me lip as though I was too retarded to turn on headlights.  By the time we finally got home around 11pm, I was too tired and was near tears upon re-entering my room. Additionally, I hadn't eaten in 10 hours and felt nauseated. After ordering food, I lay on the bed while Fred collected all my dirty laundry from the floor and put it into a laundry bag, and collected all my trash into a trash bag.  And teased me about my BO.

You know, I think I know what I should change my costume to:  a PROCRASTINATION MONSTER.  I've now managed to waste 4 hours.  Doing... I'm not sure what.

But the week is almost over.  AND I have NO CLASS next Monday OR Tuesday.  Rockstar (e.g. copious GHIII-playing days ahead)


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