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I spent the majority of Saturday with Yenni in Soho and the Bowery looking for (and buying) a light fixture for my living room that didn't look like it came from a hospital ER.

And I came to realize that a) I barely spend any time downtown these days and b) downtown is not how I remember it.

Madonna made some comments earlier this week that New York had lost its buzz and while I find her personally offensive, what she said sort of rings true.

As I sat in my super trendy cafe on Spring and Lafayette, waiting for Yenni, I noticed that the cafe had STEVIA in the sugar jar. [Pretentious check-mark number one].

But as I people-watched out the window, I noticed too that no one I saw actually looked like a New Yorker. They all seemed to be obvious tourists, maps and shopping bags in hand, or people who are clearly NOT from New York but have moved to New York and are dressing/behaving how they see New Yorkers behave on TV.

And yes, this means 800 iterations of Carrie Bradshaw et al but I feel like more importantly, the spirit of what made New York, "New York" was lost. When I was in middle school/high school, what set downtown apart was that it was different, and funky. Extremes were the norm, and there was no Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen boutique in the Meat Packing district.

It bothered me, I suppose, that none of the people I saw out the window seemed real. With their matchy-matchy outfits, and designer strollers, and enormous-insect-sunglasses, they didn't look like people who had jobs, or families, or real lives. They just looked like characters they expected to be played by on Television.

I guess all New Yorkers have had this complaint, but it does feel like what characterizes New York nowadays is not its uniqueness, but it's expense. Numerous people have pointed out that no one could live the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle now even if they wanted to.

I think it was funnily characterized by Yenni too who said "Not even Chinese people want to go to Chinatown now."

Anyway, I still enjoy my sojourn to Montien on Thursday nights, and at least some parts of the East Village still feel like real New York. But overall, I'm coming to appreciate "upper manhattan" more and more. It may be a little rough around the edges, but no one can deny that it's real.
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I am starting to loathe the word "ringle" almost as much as I despise the word "webinar".  Who comes  up with these stupid words?   Isn't the dictionary fat enough?  Do we really need to be running off, legitimizing VaJayJay?

I was prompted to look at my photos from fall of last year.   I'm struck by how beautiful New York is in the early Winter, and how many interesting things I captured when I was participating in [profile] mylife_onceaday.  I really miss photo-documenting, and I wonder whether I can bear to lug my camera around for another year and actually make it the whole 365 days.  I made it from October to March, but failed at the end of March.

Anyone feel like endeavoring to chronicle the next year more successfully with me?  Other than [profile] thegarlicbite. ;)

I might even tote my camera along too. *does a bicep curl*  It'll be good for strength training!

I'm eager to start again, though, so that I can find the beauty of New York again.  I'm finding that currently, it's wearing on me.  I'm not getting any of the standard enjoyment of my friends or the nightlife (because of my no-going-out during the week policy) and I'm more often than not not on campus or hermitted in my house. 

The city feels cold (and so do I) and I find myself unwilling to leave my house to do the simplest things.  Even leaving my room feels like a chore.  Maybe it's some sort of seasonal funk, but when I think about falls in other locales, they make me much happier. Maybe it's the lack of trees?  Who'd have ever thought that my neighbourhood aesthetics would impact my mood so severely, but really, looking out into the grey sky and grey buildings and grey ______ through my window is so depressing.

I did enjoy sitting in the car yesterday and watch a leaf spinning like a top in the wind outside of Fred's parents' place. I needed to get away from my mess/exam/room last night, and Fred offered to come and stay over, so I ZipCarred it and picked him up in Queens.  We also went and looked at [profile] reverend_dave's share-apartment (Freddie had been thinking of moving there) in Green Point, Brooklyn.  For anyone who doubts GreenPoint's up-and-comingness, I nearly ran over THREE emo-bespectacled no-helmet bike-riding hipsters in only three city blocks!
I think their patch-covered army canvas messenger bags threw them off balance.

It was nice to get out of everywhere and to drive, though I became stressed to discover that my tail-lights were completely out and non-functioning.  What was worse was that the Zipcar girl gave me lip as though I was too retarded to turn on headlights.  By the time we finally got home around 11pm, I was too tired and was near tears upon re-entering my room. Additionally, I hadn't eaten in 10 hours and felt nauseated. After ordering food, I lay on the bed while Fred collected all my dirty laundry from the floor and put it into a laundry bag, and collected all my trash into a trash bag.  And teased me about my BO.

You know, I think I know what I should change my costume to:  a PROCRASTINATION MONSTER.  I've now managed to waste 4 hours.  Doing... I'm not sure what.

But the week is almost over.  AND I have NO CLASS next Monday OR Tuesday.  Rockstar (e.g. copious GHIII-playing days ahead)

New Room?

Dec. 12th, 2006 04:57 pm
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So, my roommate Bree (like the cheese) is moving out, and vacating her room.

I told Karen, the building placement coordinator, that I might want to move in, and she said that was fine, so, I've posted photos and you guys can tell me if I should.

Secretly Procrastinating At The End of the Bed )
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Sometimes you just want to escape from yourself, and obligations, or perceptions of expectation.

I'm actually writing this in a public entry, but things have been really difficult between Mason ([ profile] booksymagnifico) and I these last couple days, and it's really difficult and straining on me, and I'm off my center. It's core-distressing. That's all I really want to say about it.

Last night, [ profile] infd and Evan and I basically went on an inadvertent walking tour of New York City. We met up outside of Central Park's 72nd street west entrance, planning to wander through the park and enjoy the warm weather and take photos. Of course, I ended up leaving the house in a hurry, worried that I wouldn't make it to 72nd and Central Park West by 6 pm on foot. Which, not knowing our plan, I'd intended to do. My rush caused me to forget my camera which was, indeed, unfortunate.
A Long Entry With Photos )
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I love chinese food. And Rose ([ profile] rosefox) for reminding me how much I love Chinese food.

I just verified that Ollie's, which is 2 miles away, delivers here. Previously, the only chinese food that would come here came from Happy Family which was not happy, and probably involved a family of rodents of some kind.

Additionally, their idea of "brown rice" was, well, not very grainy. Euuch.

Now I await some delicious Chicken with Cilantro, Ginger and Sha Cha sauce. Yoom!
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It never leaves you, that tough-as-nails New York spirit. It will make you walk across the street regardless of oncoming traffic. And last night, in the bitter, bitter cold, it got me, [ profile] stephantravels and [ profile] clucas6416 a taxicab uptown.

I'm not really sure what was going on in the city last night, but usually, at midnight on a Thursday, there is NO problem getting a cab. Last night though -- we stood there for probably 20 minutes without so much as an off-duty guy going by. Every cab was full.

It was clearly a conspiracy.

Frustrated and cold, I saw, across 3rd avenue, that there was a cab coming downtown. The lights on 3rd, however, were green and no one seemed to care that there was a very cold, coatless girl desperate to cross the street.

Bucking conventions like waiting for the light, I dashed across the street, dodging cabbies and semis as Stephan and Charlie looked on in horror. The cabbie saw me, and seemed to acknowledge my coldness need, and drove up to find a place to stop.

To my horror, some evil yuppies approached my cab and I yelled into the street, "You've got to be fucking KIDDING me!" But as I look on, I notice that the yuppies haven't gotten INTO the cab. Because the doors are locked.

The cabbie is locking them out of the cab.

In a rush of glee, I ran across 12th street and approached the cab. When he saw me at the door, he unlocked it and I got in. The yuppies, their faces enraged in burberry colors, said "Have you been waiting?! We were waiting for this cab!"

To which I said, "You're damned right, and I'm COLD!" and slammed the door in their plaid faces.

Once inside, I thanked the cabbie profusely [with some money] and we hooked a U-y to collect Stephan and Charlie.

Something about getting home last night just felt that much more empowering.

Also, I'd imagine when I get a coat I won't be quite as brassy ;)
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I've been in this Starbucks in Union Square ad nauseum of late, mostly because it's close to my chemistry tutor's house and well, I guess it's just our meeting place.

Someone asked me how in the world I find it possible to study in a Starbucks, but you'd be surprised sometimes at how quiet it is, though never tranquil. A good percentage of people there are quiet, working on their laptops. Or Warcrafting, apparently. At Starbucks. Those aren't even the weirdoes I'm referring to!

It feels like Tales from the Q2 bus again, because there are all these regular characters who seem to be at the Union Square East Starbucks no matter what time it is.

  • Rangers Jacket Guy
    This guy probably seems the cleanest and less hobo-esque of the weirdoes at USEStarbucks. He has two different cellphones, and his routine seems to be going in, sitting at someone's table who is near the wall and an outlet, and plugging one of the two in while he plays java games on his other phone. I've never actually seen him make a phonecall or actually do anything other than play games, though, or wear a different pair of trousers or different jacket. In 4 times of going to USEStarbucks, I've seen him 3 times. He also never orders coffee.

  • Can I Have a Quarter Man
    This guy has come into the USEStarbucks every single time I've been there. He looks sort of like a professor at a liberal arts college. He wears a tweed jacket with leather elbows and a blue scarf. He systematically goes to every single table and asks for 1 quarter. He didn't want my dime. He doesn't even seem homeless, but I wonder if he goes to every Starbucks in the area to beg, and how much money does he get?

  • The Would-Be Physicist
    An older woman asked to share our tutoring table about a week ago, and I can only describe her as one of those New York Phyllis Dillers with a characteristically stretched face. I told her she was welcome to come and sit, provided she didn't mind listening to a whole bunch of chemistry. She said she didn't, and sat down. After 10 minutes, she interjected [Shut up I'm paying by the hour, dammit] and asked if we were doing physics. No, we replied, Chemistry. She then launched into this long, complicated and probably fictitious story about how she is a would-be physicist although she has had no training or education whatsoever, but that she has had a one year email conversation with Stephen Hawking regarding a paper she sent him that he is encouraging her to publish scientifically (with the help of a legitimate scientist, of course). She goes on and on and on, until finally my tutor is forced to rudely interrupt her and tell her that we have a lot of work to do, but thanks for the input.

  • The Human DJ
    This guy I've only seen once, but he seemed to be entirely amused to sit at a table and spin imaginary records for hours on end. Literally. Hours. He was really two-handing it too. Very active. Dangerous in a room full of precariously balanced yuppies and their very hot coffees. He interspersed it with talking to the Warcrafter sitting at the same table, who clearly seemed uncomfortable but was mid-quest and didn't seem to feel like moving away. The Human DJ also seemed to have some sort of DVD player in his bag that he pulled out and watched from time to time. Maybe as inspiration for additional DJing? He also had no coffee, or coffee-like beverages.

  • The Coffee-Drinking Clown
    Man, dressed as a full clown (shoes, wig, facepaint, nose), waiting for a Quad Espresso. And you thought he was lively because he was a clown.

  • The Wrench Man
    I'm perfectly content to have only seen this man once, because he scared the living crap out of me. He came into the USEStarbucks, yelling incoherently at someone on the street. He came in, probably to use the bathroom (this Starbucks has a door right by the bathroom and seems to be the preferred destination for Union Square East Hobos Who Need to Pee). As he came out, he verbally accosted these two slight-looking blond girls who were buying shoes on an iMac. He pulled a red wrench from his coat and started shaking it, more like a palsy than a menace, but menacing just the same.

    The girls were clearly afraid, and a Starbucks employee came over to save them in his Green Smock of Triumph -- unfortunately, The Wrench Man was having none of it, started to yell loudly and shake his wrench more ferociously at the Smocked-Saviour. The Wrench Man did leave shortly afterwards, but I think that everyone in the Starbucks was sort of shaken up.

Anyway, I will make sure to add new weirdoes to the pile as they emerge, which I'm absolutely sure they will. It's things like this that make you sort of appreciate New York! If only New York would keep its wrench to itself, though...


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