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I've been meaning to write an LJ entry the entire time I've been sitting in the computer lab this afternoon -- In typical fashion, the internet had other plans for me.

I need to get it down "on paper" that I had a fabulous weekend.

And it wasn't even a question of drinking or socializing. I hit CU Games Club on Friday with [ profile] xoder and hermitted on Saturday with [ profile] dankna and Cayenne, studying and being generally studious. I did have incredibly tempting offers to come out from [ profile] rosefox and [ profile] sinboy to celebrate [ profile] justbeast's birthday and see [ profile] yuki_onna.

My arse remained glued to my couch, however, and I ended up going to bed quite early after feeling productive.

[ profile] yuki_onna called me on Sunday morning and, despite having a pre-arranged study plan again, I was properly enticed and headed to midtown for lunch. It was SUCH a nice lunch and I left for uptown feeling happy and high -- especially since I was teetering on my painful elegant heels.

I didn't remember quite how to get to [ profile] xoder and [ profile] shoujo_mallet's house, which resulted in more hobbling walking. Once I got there, however, there was Wii Hilarity and wild, requisite flailing.

[ profile] xoder and I eventually headed down to BAM for the Edward Scissorhands Ballet at Brooklyn Academy of Music. Which was, as predicted, both odd and also fun. It struck me as strange to see the entire show without so much as a bit of dialogue, but it was quite enjoyable. When we came outside again, it had gotten too cold to do much else other than go home.

Speaking of Promenades and Schmoop, I got tickets for this Awesome "Of Montreal" Karaoke Concert on April 14th. Would love others to come too!

I declared my major today! The major that I am nearly finished with already. Now, when I hit 30 and I am still an undergraduate, I will not feel like such a schmo.

Anyway, yesterday was superbly perfect in every single way. And maybe the last week or so has been comparable. I've been drifting through this hazy blur of Happy.

And just like that, the snow was gone.

Things that I want to log in my brain before I finish this (very) disjointed entry.

Nothing's nicer than being "known" --

Me: Crap. I forgot my keys
Special Person to Me: It's because you have no belt loop today, isn't it?

I also renewed my LJ account today. It was nearly expired. I also added copious userpics.

Because I could. Oh, dorkdom. Your warm Tron-ish embrace enthralls me.

I should also make a mental note that I often try too hard.

...But clearly not when it comes to writing coherent LJ entries.
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Well, I'm nearly done with my very detailed outline for my Human Variation paper. [ profile] rosefox is sitting next to me, quoting Donna Reed and making me laugh.

I'm feeling happy and inspired to work, which is good considering the absolutely grotesque amount of catchup work I have to do this week... 2 papers due on Friday (one of them this one, which will be done by tomorrow) and then 1 exam next Monday, 2 next Tuesday.

It'll be a busy week!

It's nights like this that feel warm (minus my feet) mostly because it feels like I'm finally making some strong roots. It doesn't mean that I don't long for the fleeing abroad again, but it does make me feel safe and happy.

I am also sleepy, so perhaps it is time to crawl into bed with a kitty (which one will I pick? Sam or Java?) and snuggle down.

New Coats!

Nov. 6th, 2006 08:48 pm
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Laura In the Coat

Thank you to [ profile] sinboy for putting up with Macy's today with me and helping me find the above coat -- very cute, on sale nearly 50% off -- although he did say when I first put it on that it looked "like a bathrobe or a dressing gown". Of course, after I'd flounced around a bit in the coat, he was more swayed and convinced into liking it. Hehe.

It has the most incredibly colorful lining which I'm not sure if I like or not, but it will definitely make me think twice before flashing.

Excitingly, I also got a scarf and silky soft gloves. I was tempted to look at boots, but thought better of it at the last minute. Additionally, [ profile] sinboy and I both got sort of tired of the perfumed horror and pre-emptive Christmas decorations.

We headed uptown on the A train and had dinner at the Garden Café with [ profile] rosefox. I really like the food and the vibe there; I've never had a bad meal there and the prices are decent. Dinner conversation was hilarious considering all of our backgrounds -- from Monkey Poop to Porn. I have to say I won't forget "Can you take me back to school now?"

Ohhh my. Such happiness. If only I didn't have so much work to do...


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