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I love that TNT and SpikeTV are having a Nerd Off ... one is showing Lord of the Rings all day and the other is showing Star Wars.

I won't reveal which one I'm watching.

The weekend ended too quickly, as did my life tonight when I turned on the "Self Clean" option on my stove and nearly passed out from smoke inhalation before I realized what was going on.

Sundays always go fast because either Adam or I have the time constraint of whatever bus/train that is leaving to go back to our respective state. You realize, sometimes though, that distance doesn't always matter after the following spurred a very amusing text-message-conversation.

I was incredibly amused when Jesus Taco stuck a delivery menu under my front door.

Not that I'd ever want to order from them, but everytime I pass their storefront I sort of have to laugh. So I sent Adam a text message to let him know that < waving hands excitedly> THEY NOW DELIVERED!!

Me: Jesus Taco just slipped a menu under the door!!
Adam: Take this taco. It is my body which is given for the forgiveness of sins.
Me: This is not salsa. It is my blood. Take it in remembrance of me.
Me: These are my taco kisses. Honor my sacrifice by accepting them.

In other peculiarly funny things, has anyone else seen this Celebrex commercial that is like, 4 minutes long, seems to disparage Celebrex extensively, and then ends up being a commercial telling you to buy it? I'm not sure whether it's using reverse psychology or what.

"Celebrex! It's dangerous!! It'll keeel you! Buy it buy it buy it!!!!!

I think they should stick with Millard Fillmore Soap-On-A-Rope
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Holiday Spirit

Well, I haven't whipped out the Christmas music yet (I figure I should wait until December 1st) but I did decide, in true ridiculous fashion, to break out my Holiday Apps. Thankfully for us few who enjoy taking silly photobooth photos, there are also silly programs written for Apple fans who have way too much free time.

Witness above, my flashing, countdown, sparkly, happy desktop. Blinding? Sure. I imagine I'll get sick of it in an hour or two, but for the time being, it's making me cheerful.

Want some cheer of your own?

The tree (and Christmas countdown): X-Mas Tree 1.3

The lights: MacLampsX 1.2


Mar. 18th, 2006 12:44 pm
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Wednesday 6:05 pm

Chimpanzee females are built, evolutionarily, to pee standing up. If someone actually wants me to explain this or diagram, I will, but somehow I don't think it's necessary.

Now, you'd hope that with such a "customization" that Kanabiro could avoid peeing all over herself, but no. She and Etaito were playing tonight, ON my lap, where I'll mention that Etaito did this hilarious Chuck Norris-esque roundhouse kick where he lifted his leg and spun around, kicking Kanabiro in the shoulder.

Beside the point -- Kanabiro goes outside, knocks over the broom, plays with it for 2 seconds before peeing -- all over the broom, and all over herself. She was standing RIGHT NEXT to the step so she could have dangled over it and just avoided the mess.

Oh, poor girl. And now, I am totally not picking you up afterwards.



Also, all I ate today was a quarter-pineapple and a mandazi. If I don't get some food soon, I am so eating Etaito.


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