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Birthdate:May 3
Location:United States of America
Oh, the places that life takes us.

Find this: In twenty five years, I've managed to excel in and drop out of three colleges. I've lived in and loved three separate countries. I've auditioned for Broadway shows, slept in Central Park, languished in two looney bins, scheduled production for a feature film, skinny dipped in Lake Michigan in the dead of night, written my name in cement on sixth street in New York City and been nearly married once.

There's almost nothing I don't like. My failing is to find something I truly love instead of something I just happen to do well.

The same could be said for my relationships.

I've been "there and back again" several times now. The ever-present question: where to go next?

I've spent years living in Uganda and Congo. I've worked as a unix girl, a graphic designer, a human skull cataloguer, an NGO wench, a web designer, a chimpanzee caregiver, a gorilla caretaker/sanctuary manager, a primate skeleton re-articulator, a karaoke goddess, a real estate salesperson; do any of these experiences give me a clear path on which to travel now?

For the time being, I'm finishing my Bachelor of Science at the age of 27 at Columbia University. I can literally say that I consume my time with BS now!

And, when I know what's next, I promise to let you know.

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