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I commented to [ profile] rosefox and [ profile] reene that being in Maryland, for me, feels like being home. The streets are all so familiar, and I have so many memories interlaced with Silver Spring in particular. Driving through it, I get an irrational giddiness before I transition into a smooth calm of knowing where I'm going and planning what route to take.

Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] gatsbys_regret!! Hopefully I'll see you tonight.

It blizzarded on me something wicked yesterday on the way down here -- I'll admit to never having driven in such a bad storm and the flakes were illuminated by the headlights and it gives you a strange tunneled vision as they propel themselves towards your windshield. I'm driving a Volkswagen Rabbit, which, while somewhat ugly, handles quite well and is full of colorfully-lit interior buttons.

[ profile] reene and [ profile] grysar and I went to the Pirate's Tavern for dinner, drinks and scurvy. It was appropriately piratey, and oh-so-nerdy. I got to see Greg's new place. We laughed and drank and had fun. It was good to be back.

Very early this morning, I fetched [ profile] rosefox from her party in Columbia and drove her to Union Station. Seeing her here in my "home" was a nice fusion too.

I'm running out of steam, and I think Reene is finally dressed and ready to go.
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I had absolutely the funnest night last night, first with Lana and Matt Z out at dinner, and then at the Thursday night bar.

I'm eating some lunch, and then heading to Maryland to see well, everyone I can, and I'll write more later, but why do so many boys on campus have scary emo Fall-Out Boy hairdos?

Also, check the photo blog for photos from last night, and for photos of [ profile] stephantravels' cake :)

Okay, off to Greyhound!


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