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Sunday 7:47 pm

Well, I went to the Kivu Sun today and went swimming with Jungla. It was an absolutely fantastic day, and I felt confident and happy.

I did ask them if anyone found my hard drive in my room, and no one had, so I guess it really is gone. The thing is, with Stu having his laptop, satphone, and passport stolen, the hard drive was the least offensive thing that could have been stolen from me. I mean, it could have been my laptop! Or my camera! Am I sad about the photos? Yea. But the fact is that most of them are on Flickr, or petridish, or both.

I feel guilty because it was a gift, too. Considering that almost everyone I know who lives here has experienced some sort of theft, I'm going to perceive it like I got off easy.


In other news, I'm starting to feel the strain of being nearly-departed and having all these people that I've come to view as close acquaintances come to me with their various requests. It doesn't help that "ask" in French appears to be "demander" ... bah.

Bonane needs planks for his house

Jean Claude needs a camera

Balume's son is having his appendix out

Faustin's kids need something that was un-comprehendable to me, but well, money, for something.

Jungla wants a phone!

In the ideal world, I'd have underpants made of hundred-dollar bills that I could dole out indiscriminately to those in need. Also, because having underpants made of Benjamins would be pretty spiffy.

The fact is that I'm living on the littlest amount possible. I'm white, sure, and my concept of "little money" is a lot, but honestly, my priorities are sort of well, *white shame* buying gifts for my friends back home, and like, the occasional precious Snickers from Trameco. I have budgeted money to get gifts for certain people -- gifts I can only buy with cash... and like.. well.. gah!

It doesn't help that I get this like, rationalization. And yes, I KNOW that it's one of those dual-purpose terms here, and that it means I'm rich -- plush with cash -- but like, it doesn't make me particularly inclined when someone asks me for a favor and prefaces it with "Because you're so fat"

It sort of inspires a "fuck you, take your kid's appendix out yourself you fattist" instead of an impassioned urge to help or sacrifice [ profile] grysar's birthday gift money.

In entirely unrelated news, I'm mulling over a post about missionaries, but, totally unlike me, I'm trying to make it as non-offensive as possible because a) my opinions are clearly biased by my general skepticism and b) I know people who are religious and I respect them entirely independent of their religious leanings.

Anyway, maybe I'll finish it tonight.


Mar. 6th, 2006 12:20 pm
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Monday 7:46 am

The very carpets of the Kivu Sun seem to emanate warmth.

Which is good when you're freezing, running through the hallways in naught but your soaking wet swimsuit because, when you go swimming at 7 am, the man with the key for the closet where the towels are kept hasn't yet arrived.


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