Mar. 6th, 2008

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In an effort to feel like less of a failure at school right now, I've been trying to compile a list of things that is good and is keeping me motivated.

Also, I don't post less than you do, [ profile] blackiestark! We all know that that's not even possible!

  • I've been going to the gym very, very regularly. Even when it means going three days in a row. Instead of sitting at the computer, I'll drag my ample tush down to 92nd street and work out. I usually do cardio ~3 days a week and then on Wednesdays I do this incredibly difficult, upside-down, pretzel-twisting Vinyasha yoga class before chemistry class. I'm still not sure which one is more challenging.
    I guess part of my motivation is that I'm going to that wedding in 2 weeks, but really, there's something very satisfying about it anyway. I'm sore today, and I love it. Besides, I can check my email on my phone! And Facebook!!

    Oh, and funnily, last night a girl came in on her cell and was like "Yea, and I'm going to the gym instead of doing that paper that I have to write so I don't fail out of school!!" and I laughed, and somehow felt better. I may be a big booch failure, but I'm not alone.

  • I finally bit the bullet and got someone into my apartment to clean it and [ profile] noranac is coming on Friday to help me unpack. Yay! Unpacking will be so nice, and not having to pull my clothes from inside a box will be such a change. When people go on a treasure hunt, they're usually not looking for clean underwear. They're sometimes looking for dirty! But it does definitely put an adventure-spin on things.
    Seriously, though, when I came home last night to find my kitchen and bathroom and living room all shiny and clean, it rocked.

  • I'm going to a concert tonight! Schoolwork be damned! Pink Martini, at the Tilles Center. Yes, I could have seen them at Avery Fisher Hall but I prefer smaller venues. So we're going to Long Island, Adam, Micah, Alex and I. Woo! It should be fun.

  • I got this supercompetitive internship at the Museum of Natural History. I officially have a staff badge again, and secret elevator access, and employee cafeteria munchability, and more importantly, lovely science-type things to put on my CV. It's a fantastic opportunity, doing DNA analysis on polar mammals to test their changing fitness in a climate of global warming, and I just can't wait to dig in!
    Does this mean I have less free time? Yea. But I'll parse through it all somehow.

  • Did I mention I'm going to Colombia (the country) in 10 days? Do you want a postcard? Comment here! (comments are screened)

  • Tell me something that makes you happy! Or a secret! It's Thursday, the week is almost over, and I'm trying to stave off my peaking anxiety.


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